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Egypt’s New Vice President is Washington’s Proxy Torturer

After almost three weeks of intense street protests in Egypt demanding the removal of President Hosni Mubarak from power, more than 300 people were reported to have died in clashes between demonstrators, police and government supporters.

Despite concessions such as Mubarak’s pledge to not run in the presidential election scheduled for September and constitutional reform, the number of protesters in Tahrir Square in central Cairo swelled on Feb. 8.

On that day, the crowd gave a hero’s welcome to Wael Ghonim after he was freed from 12 days of secret detention by Egyptian authorities. Ghonim, a marketing executive for Google Middle East and North Africa, anonymously set up a Facebook page that many credit with inspiring the massive protests.

Listen to WPKN’s Scott Harris interview UC Santa Barbara Sociology Professor Lisa Hajjar on his show Counterpoint here on ::: WPKN Radio

Listen to the interview here: Between The Lines – Sociology professor Lisa Hajjar on Egypt’s new Vice President Omar Suleiman links to U.S. rendition program, torture (Week Ending 2/11/11).

Watch Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Lisa Hajjar on Democracy Now! before the toppling of Mubarak.

“During his televised speech on February 10, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak delegated some of his presidential authority to handpicked vice president Omar Suleiman. Professor Lisa Hajjar of the University of California, Santa Barbara, chronicles Suleiman’s record, including his role in the U.S. extraordinary rendition program, his close ties to Israel, and his personal involvement in the torture of prisoners.”

Visit:  “Omar Suleiman, the CIA’s Man in Cairo and Egypt’s Torturer-in-Chief”.

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