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Honoring Baltasar Garzón | The Nation

In the 1930s some 2,800 Americans joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and traveled to Spain to fight to defend democracy and defeat fascism after Gen. Francisco Franco’s right-wing coup. In 2011 the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA), an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the record and spirit of the brigades, is fittingly awarding its first annual Human Rights Activism award to Baltasar Garzón, a Spanish judge under fire for daring to investigate Franco’s crimes. The $100,000 award, made possible through the generosity of the Puffin Foundation, could not come at a more propitious time, as Judge Garzón is fighting for his legal career. He faces several politically motivated criminal prosecutions for his decisions and has been suspended from his judicial post while the cases against him are pending.

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