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Morning Chatter: Latest World News Headlines | GlobalPost

In a new low for the Syrian security forces, Human Rights Watch has accused them of “snatching wounded people” from the hospital. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reportedly declared a secret state of war on Wednesday, issuing a general mobilization of troops, according to media reports. Even Iran thinks that’s going a bit too far. In a shift, the former ally has joined the chorus urging Assad to stop cracking down. The protesters are still going strong, with a call for mass demonstrations on Friday made on the Facebook page of Syrian Revolution 2011.

You can rest easy now that Interpol is on Gaddafi’s trail. The international police agency has issued Red Notice arrest warrants for the fallen Libyan leader and one of his sons, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, as well as a brother-in-law, Abdullah Al-Senussi, who served as the regime’s intelligence chief. A Red Notice allows Interpol to widely circulate arrest warrants with an intention to extradite suspects to the International Criminal Court. A tip, Interpol: As far as we know, your man is NOT in Burkina Faso. Though most of the folks there wish he was.

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