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The US, Israel and Iran | The Nation

In his speech to AIPAC, President Obama sought to cool the war fever against Iran, rightly arguing that “loose talk” of military strikes had only served Tehran’s interests by driving up the price of oil. And in his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the president is said to have rejected the Israeli prime minister’s case for military action as well as his proposed conditions for resuming talks with Iran. In a hopeful sign, a renewal of talks between the so-called P5+1 countries and Iran was announced on March 6…

The administration needs a new approach, one involving sustained diplomatic engagement with Iran. The White House should pursue the recently announced renewed talks without onerous conditions or ultimatums. And it should heed the bipartisan urging of Representatives Keith Ellison and Walter Jones, a battery of former top-ranking US intelligence officers and generals, and the Jewish Voice for Peace rabbinical council for a halt in the drift toward war.

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