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Pre-election protests hit Libyan crude output | Reuters, FP

(Reuters) – Libyan oil output has been reduced by around 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) as protests by groups demanding greater autonomy for eastern Libya a day before national elections have blocked operations at some oil terminals, officials said on Friday.

Saturday’s election for the assembly, which will name a new prime minister, help draft a constitution and enact legislation is a crucial milestone in shaping Libya’s institutions.

via Pre-election protests hit Libyan crude output | Reuters.


… On the eve of Saturday’s elections: there is little motivation to steal them. The bad news is the reason why. Libya’s next government will still be seen by many as just another, if more robust, interim government. Yes, the national assembly will appoint a new cabinet and, more importantly, a commission to draft Libya’s post-Qaddafi constitution. These processes, however, will take place under duress.

via Militia Politics in Libya’s National Elections – By Jacob Mundy | Foreign Policy, The Middle East Channel.

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