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A Peace of Afghanistan | Emily O’Dell, The Huffington Post

“Well, this is just ridiculous,” I said to myself, while trying to pee on the side of the road in a burqa.

Hopping back in the car, my driver and I sped westwards, praying the Taliban wouldn’t stop us before nightfall.

Cruising past the carcasses of Soviet tanks, I spied, through the knitted screen of my burqa, an American surveillance aerostat hovering in the pristine sky. Had they detected this lone American woman traveling through Afghanistan in the name of peace?

My mission wasn’t a secret one. Crossing the border on foot from Tajikistan, I had slipped on my burqa in the end zone of no man’s land.

“Anything to declare?” the border guards said, as I handed them my passport.

“Just prayers for peace, from those Americans who want peace,” I said.

As the gates to Afghanistan — and perhaps my heart — opened wide, I breathed a sigh of relief. But my mission was just getting started.

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