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The American delusion with peace talks | Mondoweiss

Some may accuse us of cynicism for this view, but the truth is, even if Netanyahu was sincere about wanting peace, there is no chance that it can emerge from these talks. Even before they have begun, Israel has made it clear that there are certain doors it will not open. The status of Jerusalem, the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees, what to do with Gaza and Hamas; all of these issues are of vital importance to any lasting peace. But they will almost certainly not be discussed at next week’s meeting in Washington. Netanyahu has already declared the first two closed in Israel’s favor, and nobody seems willing to even think about the third. And so, even the best case scenario for these talks results in only a flawed, partial agreement that addresses only a few issues.

Peace talks are good, but only if they are real. At this point, it is time for Americans to acknowledge the obvious. The hope that these talks can lead to a true peace is nothing but a delusion, a mirage that somehow continues to fool millions of otherwise sensible people. It is time to put it to rest, and to begin searching for a new solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict, one that involves equality under the law and universal human rights. The search for a peaceful agreement seems to be over. The search for a peace based on justice, human rights, and Democracy for all, regardless of ethnicity or religion, has now begun.

Nathan Goldwag is going to be a Sophomore at Brandeis University and is interning with Jewish Voice for Peace in NY. Lawrence is currently with Jewish Voice for Peace as well.

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