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Give the Peace Process a Chance | David Harris

…. Israel must never hesitate to show up at any serious negotiating table. It does so today from a position of remarkable strength. It cannot be bullied into making a deal potentially injurious to the country’s security. It has a powerful friend in the United States. And, yes, it is driven by the age-old Jewish yearning for enduring peace.

If the Palestinians once again prove they are unwilling partners, as they did in 2000-1 and again in 2008, let the world see who torpedoed a potential deal.

Sure, there’s that enabling pro-Palestinian community — diplomats, journalists, “human rights” activists, entertainers — who are willfully blind, for whom the problem always has been and will be Israel, but others will figure it out.

And if, miracle of miracles, the Palestinian leadership actually turns out to be a credible partner this time, then, of course, all the more reason to try.

So, let’s give the peace process a chance.

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