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Under The Same Sun | Search for Common Ground

under-same-sunOn Oct. 2, Under The Same Sun will be broadcast on Reshet’s Channel 2, the most popular TV channel in Israel, and on the independent Palestinian Ma’an TV Network, whose satellite footprint covers the whole Middle East, North Africa, and southern Europe. This is the first time a feature film will be broadcast to mass Israeli and Palestinian audiences on the same day.

Under the Same Sun looks back — from the near future — to the peace that was achieved in the Middle East. The film shows what is possible. What can be.

The film tells the story of two businessmen — an Israeli and a Palestinian — who set out to make money, and who end up making peace. Their joint venture, a solar energy company, provokes profound hostility from members of their respective families and communities. Understanding that the business will have little chance of success without peace, they mount a Facebook campaign that results in a groundswell of popular support in both communities, for both their joint venture and for peace. Crowds of people take to the streets to demonstrate and demand that their political leaders reach a peace agreement.

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