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UN Harshly Criticizes U.S. Human Rights Record | ACLU

A United Nations human rights body expressed grave concerns today about the record of human rights in the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union with a delegation of 10 and working with a broad coalition of other groups is in Geneva to monitor the examination of the United States the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC).

In a two-day session that concluded today, the committee members pressured the United States for answers on the following issues:

  • The sentencing of children to life without parole and the disproportionate incarceration of minorities;
  • The militarization of the border;
  • The failure to prevent human rights violations and respond in a non discriminatory manner to Hurricane Katrina;
  • The failure to end racial profiling practices, specifically the profiling of South Asian convenience store employees in Georgia;
  • Warrantless spying on ordinary Americans;
  • The abuse of women in prison; and
  • The indefinite detention, rendition and torture of non-citizens.

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The U.N. Human Rights Committee has issued a wide-ranging report criticizing the human rights record of the United States. The report assessed U.S. compliance with a key human rights treaty and found it lacking in more than two dozen areas. Issues of concern included the Obama administration’s drone program, National Security Agency spying, the death penalty, detention of homeless people and immigrants, life sentences imposed on juveniles, racial profiling and police brutality. The committee called for closing Guantánamo, releasing the Senate Intelligence Committee report on the George W. Bush administration’s torture and rendition program, and prosecuting those involved in torturing prisoners.

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