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CIA Rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline | Stanley Heller, Peacenews.org

By Stanley Heller

CIA?  The Cowboy and Indian Alliance, of course.  For a week in April they occupied a portion of the National Mall in DC, obvious with tipis and tents and horses.  They allied to demonstrate against the Keystone XL (Climate Killing) Pipeline.  By Saturday, April 26, they and their supporters amounted to several thousand people.  During the week they hand painted a tipi which they wanted to present to the President Barack Obama.  He was “away” so several thousand marched down the street and took it went to the Smithsonian’s American Indian Museum.

Not only will the pipeline make it profitable for the Canadian tar stands to be mined and the most carbon rich fuel on the planet to be burned, but the pipeline will ruin the land of the First Nations (Indians) on whose native land the fuel will be mined and risk the farm and ranch land in the U.S. below the pipeline behemoth.

The action was thought to have been the last demonstration before the President made his decision on whether to allow the pipeline into the U.S., but this was changed when Obama again decided to postpone, probably until after the fall election

At the start of the Saturday action there was a press conference which included cowboys, Indians and several celebrities including Darryl Hannah and Neil Young.  The inclusion of Young raised a few eyebrows.  He has been excellent in opposing the pipeline and demanding treaties with Indians be honored.  On the other hand he’s going on a gig to Apartheid Israel in June.  After the press conference I spoke to Young for about a minute.  He said he was aware of the campaign to get him to stay away from Israel, but he said that “all nations were oppressed” and that he shouldn’t be” pre-judged”, whatever any of that meant.  Do an internet search for these words: ” Don’t Play Apartheid Israel” to see the latest.

For 20 or so videos of the mall, the rally, interviews, speeches, the march and music visit:


AND, coming up in September, Bill McKibben, 350.org and many, many others will come to New York City to teach world leaders coming together for a meeting on climate.  The news that an immense ice sheet in Antarctica is irreversibly melting add new urgency.  Search on the internet for “Bill McKibben A Call to Arms.”  It’s a piece in “Rolling Stone.” Or just go to 350.org.

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