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Speak out agains AIPAC-backed resolution blaming Hamas for using civilians as ‘human shields,’ and that ‘supports Israel’s sovereign right to defend its territory’

A message from the United for Peace and Justice Coordinating Committee:

The events of this tragic period have driven home the excruciating human consequences of the reliance on military power to settle disputes and the massive infusion of weapons into areas of conflict.

In recent weeks, United for Peace and Justice has focused on the dangers of US military re-engagement in Iraq. Responding to the mobilization of peace activists around the country, more than 100 members of Congress signed the Lee-Rigell letter to the President urging diplomacy rather than war.

But another step is needed. It is likely that H. Res. 105, introduced by Reps McGovern, Lee and Jones will be voted on within the next week. This vital legislation calls for the President “to remove United States Armed Forces, other than Armed Forces required to protect U.S. diplomatic facilities …from Iraq.” Please call your Representatives today and urge them to co-sponsor this bill.

Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121

While acting to prevent another war in Iraq, we are deeply concerned about the horrific assault on the people of Gaza by the Israeli Defense Forces. American willingness to support and arm the government of Israel, despite its ongoing violations of international law and human rights, has enabled this latest attack on the people of Gaza. To this point, members of Congress have been nearly unanimous in their condoning of Israeli actions and in their indifference to the suffering of Palestinians.

It is no surprise that there is now an appalling AIPAC-backed resolution circulating in the House of Representatives, H.Con. Res. 107, which blames Hamas for the use of innocent civilians as “human shields,” and “supports Israel’s sovereign right to defend its territory.” Unless we push back hundreds of our elected officials will rush to sign on, despite the obvious devastation occurring in Gaza.

No time to hesitate! Call your Congressional Representative today and ask them to:

** Co-Sponsor H. Con Res. 105 (McGovern, Lee, Jones on Iraq).

** Refuse support for H.Con.Res 107 (Ros-Lehtinen on Gaza)

** Call for an immediate cease-fire, the removal of Israeli troops and the suspension of American aid to Israel, pending an end to its blockade of Gaza.
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121.

Please share any results with: rustiandgael@unitedforpeace.org

There is much more to be done. This Thursday July 24 is a National Day of Action in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Join a growing list of national and local organizations that will take urgent action to stop the Israeli offensive in Gaza and end the 7-year siege that has turned Gaza into the largest open-air prison in the world. Whether you can get out a crowd, or just a few people, please do something to make a protest visible…. Hold a vigil, gather petitions and letters, visit a Congressional office or offices of mainstream media to demand fairness, distribute flyers. Pick the activity that fits best in your community.

Add your Thursday local action to the list here: http://tinyurl.com/n3kdqd8


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