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UN: 1 Million Somalis at Risk of Hunger | Voice of America

Since the last crisis, Somali insurgent group al-Shabab has lost ground in the face of a concerted military push by African Union troops and Somali government forces.

In some cases, the group has blocked roads to towns it lost in an effort to cut off incoming supplies.

On Saturday, AU and Somali forces launched an offensive to take more ground from the group in areas it controls, especially the port town of Barawe, the insurgents’ last remaining financial hub and the route used to ship weapons.

Late Monday, U.S. forces carried out an airstrike targeting al-Shabab commanders in the Lower Shabelle region as part of the effort to weaken the group’s capabilities.

Security observers hope that this time around, humanitarian agencies will be able to access more areas than in 2011, when the militant group controlled much of south and central Somalia, making the work of aid workers more difficult.

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