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A muted Christmas in Gaza | Al Jazeera English

by Megan O’Toole

Gaza City – Christmas is hidden upstairs at the Toy Toy shop in the core of Gaza City.

Visitors entering the small, unassuming store must ascend a side staircase before stumbling upon a room full of Christmas goods – rows of red and green candles, shelves adorned with grinning elf dolls, a floor covered in shiny green wrapping paper.

A lone employee, 24-year-old Hussam Abu Shaban, wraps snow-white garlands around a plastic tree and jokingly refers to himself as Gaza’s Santa.

But in a city that has barely started to recover from a crushing summer war, this is no ordinary Christmas.

Indeed, for many Christian residents of the besieged Gaza Strip, there is little to celebrate this holiday season.

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