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Video: Jewish extremist tries to stab ‘rabbi for human rights’ | 972mag.com

Rabbi Asherman and other activists remained at the scene in order to direct the army and police toward the attacker, he said in a statement, but it took police 30 minutes to arrive. At that point the attacker had already fled.

Rabbis for Human Rights often accompanies Palestinian farmers in order to help protect them from settler attacks.

The organization’s website explains: “Our presence in the groves with the farmers helps keep them safe, as extremists are far less likely to cause problems when they know Israelis and internationals are present.”

Asherman was a recipient, along with Ehud Bandel, also of Rabbis for Human Rights, of the Gandhi Peace Award in 2011, bestowed by Promoting Enduring Peace.

Continue below for Rabbi Asherman’s comments on the event.

Source: Video: Jewish extremist tries to stab ‘rabbi for human rights’ | 972mag.com

Not only does an event like that take time to process, but I have been inundated with press inquiries, repeated police requests for more information, and our ongoing work. I have been back in the olive groves almost every day, even as my staff and I monitor what is happening throughout the Occupied Territories and demand corrective actions where needed. I was overwhelmed with emotion at yesterday’s public housing day in the Knesset. After over twenty years of trying to eliminate public housing, Government ministers and Members of Knesset heaped praise on our Public Housing Forum as they announced multiple policy changes in line with our demands [1]. While I have largely turned this project over to the very capable hands of Rabbis Idit Lev and Kobi Weis, it is incredible to see five years of hard work paying off.

Before last Friday’s attack, I had been planning on sending you an update on this olive harvest in the midst of the ongoing wave of violence.  Many have said that, as Israeli Jews,  we are crazy to be in Palestinian olive groves at this time.  After the attack, some think we are even crazier.  Yet, many of our volunteers feel that maintaining their humanity, and holding on to a glimpse of the world as it could and should be in the midst of the terrible events swirling around us, helps them get up in the morning.  We have been sharing fellowship with Palestinian farmers and providing helping hands in this very labor intensive task. But, we have also provided needed protection where there have been attacks or where there is serious fear of attacks.

  We have been working closely with the Israeli security forces when they have been doing their job, and challenging them when they have not [2]. Our plan is to reverse the erosion of our 2006 High Court victory defining the obligations of the Israeli security forces to Palestinian farmers. Today it has become accepted by many Palestinians that they can only plow once, and access their lands during the harvest. We are documenting the real needs, so that we can restore the principle that farmers must be able to safely access their lands as often as they wish. 

While I don’t feel entirely comfortable asking for funds in an email intended to share my thoughts about the attack, the email I was going to send would have.  Let me put it simply:

Our Occupied Territories Field Department is over budget.

Transportation alone for every harvest day is $400, minus contributions from our volunteers.  We will have at least 25 harvest days this year. If we were being fiscally responsible, we would have sent no volunteers into the field this year.  But, I know that you have always come through for us when we have done the right thing.

If you believe that rabbis should be putting their bodies on the line for justice, than please donate now.  If you are inspired by Israeli young people and octogenarians doing so as well, then help us keep it up and even increase our activity. If you want every Palestinian farmer to safely work his/her land and an affordable roof over every Israeli’s head, please support us as generously as you can.

Please click here to make an online donation

Please click here for information about how to donate via check or bank transfer.

B’Vrakha (In Blessing),


P.S. There are still a few spots open on my upcoming U.S. speaking/fundraising tour, and plenty of opportunities in May-June 2016. Please contact Sara Zur at rhr.sara@gmail.com for more information.  I hope to see many of you shortly in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Milwaukee, Madison, New York, D.C., Houston and Cleveland.

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