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Last Ditch Effort to Free Leonard Peltier

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Stanley Heller Administrator of and writer for Promoting Enduring Peace and hosts “The Struggle” TV News, at www.TheStruggle.org. He can be reached at stanley.heller@pepeace.org.


We failed.  Obama’s Justice Department formally notified Peltier’s lawyer no clemency would be issues.  Another mark on his “legacy”.

In front of the White House, shown on Democracy Now!

by Stanley Heller

This is it.  Somehow we’ve got to reach President Obama in the next day and convince him to give Peltier clemency.  The good news is that Obama has responded to pressure and commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez.   Given Trump’s attitudes towards non-whites it seems getting a pardon from him for Peltier will be super-remote.  It’s got to happen now.  Peltier’s lawyer, Martin Garbus, said on Democracy Now today (1/18) that because of his age and poor health it’s unlikely that Leonard Peltier will survive a Trump presidency.

You never know what can happen.  Garbus talked about a former prosecutor in the case, James Reynolds.  After watching a segment on Democracy Now! where Garbus talked about Peltier, Reynolds was inspired to write a letter to the White House.  After 40 years of silence he said the prosecution case was flawed and asked for clemency.  Reynolds also called for Peltier’s release in this letter to the Chicago Tribune whose editorial position is “never”.  In addition a special FBI agent who had been in the area where the killings of the FBI agents took place 40 years ago also wrote a letter to Obama calling for clemency.

There’s even a letter from Pope Francis that has been sent to the White House.  See the Democracy Now! segment here for attorney Garbus’ interview.

Lot’s of people have done so much.  There’s people out in front of the White House all this week. The media reports the president is going to announce more pardons.  Maybe all we need is a blizzard, a white-out of contacts to the White House, today.

So take 5 minutes and send an email via the web to Obama.  This is the URL.


I wrote this short message:

“Glad that you gave clemency to Manning and Lopez.  Urge the same to Leonard Peltier.  Please heed the words of the former prosecutor in the case, James Reynolds, who believes Peltier should be freed  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/letters/ct-leonard-peltier-should-be-released-in-the-interest-of-justice-20170117-story.html

Even if the case against Peltier were iron-clad reflect on the horrific relations of “Whites” to Indians and this country and show some mercy.”

It took me just a few minutes to fill in the form and click send. Please send your message, today!!

There is also a phone line for comments.  The number 202-456-1111.  It’s been out of service today so far.  Maybe you’ll have better luck.  #FreeLeonardPeltier

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