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Glenn Beck Goes Back to Crazy on George Soros

by Stanley Heller

Glenn Beck was at the top of the far right world six years ago. He had a TV show on Fox that was regularly viewed by 3 million people.     He held a rally in DC that attracted 100,000 people.  He had a string of top selling books.   But times changed, he supposedly got sick and wackier conspirators took away some of his audience.

In 2010 he seemed to go too far.  He spent two or three days on his hour long TV show with “exposing” the  “Puppetmaster”,  attacking billionaire and liberal funder George Soros. Among his claims was one that Soros (who is a Jew) helped Nazis in occupied Hungary.   Though Beck is a 200% supporter of Israel (that is the Israeli apartheid state) his comments about George Soros were too much even for most of the Zionists.  The Anti-Defamation League condemned the remarks as “horrific”.   The claim about puppetmasters smacked too much of the age old anti-Semitic idiocy about a secret cabal of Jews trying to run the world. This was the start of Beck’s decline.  A year later he was off Fox though he started his own media enterprise “The Blaze”.

Last year Beck tried an apology tour.  He opposed Trump and vaguely said he was sorry for some things he said. The media ate it up. Even Time Magazine and the New York Times foolishly gave him interviews.

Evidently humble pie was not up to his taste.  He’s now back yelling about George Soros conspiracies.  He claimed that the immense women’s marches the day after Trump’s inauguration were a plot by George Soros and radical Islamists.   He’s justifies the claim be talking about an article by Asra Nomani who had breathlessly discovered that the Women’s March was anti-Trump.   Well duh…  Nomani, a former WSJ reporter, unearthed that Soros had contributed to 56 feminists organizations that were “partners” of the march.  Implied is that Soros is the puppetmaster of he Womens March even though even Nomani herself reports there were 403 partner groups for the event.

The Nomani article was praised by the far right Breitbart and the openly Neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer.   For credibility the fascists said Nomani’s article was in the New York Times.  The Times denied it,  kind of.  They say it’s a New York Times affiliated site and the NYT doesn’t look at the articles.

This stuff is serious.  For generations the anti-Semites talked about a supposed “Rothschilds conspiracy” to control the world.  This obviously gets old as actual Rothschilds are no longer among the major billionaire players.  So now the Jew Haters have a new supposed puppet master, George Soros.

George Soros is a real person.  From what I can tell he’s a mainline liberal, big contributor to the Democratic Party, funder of anti-communist  “democracy” foundations in former Soviet countries and philanthropist to feminist groups.  He’s a Jew who once said he’s not a Zionist, but he gave $750,000 to the very Zionist “J-Street” a decade ago (J-Street had war criminals Olmert and Livni speak at its conventions).   I suppose he’s given to a number of groups that do very good work, but on the whole I don’t like his politics and am happy to see them criticized.  On the other hand the hobgoblin puppetmaster George Soros does not exist. That figure is an anti-Semitic trope and when you see people alleging behind the scenes “Soros financing” you should immediately turn your BS detector on to its highest setting.

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