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Decrying ‘post-truth’ climate politics, scientists test activist waters | CSMonitor.com

by Gretel Kauffmann

The first tweets appeared quietly, mid-Tuesday afternoon, with a 21st-century declaration of defiance.

Scientists hold signs during a rally in conjunction with the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting Dec. 13, 2016 in San Francisco. The rally was to call attention to what scientists believe to be unwarranted attacks by the incoming Trump administration against scientists advocating for the issue of climate change and its impact.

“Mr Trump, you may have taken us down officially,” one read. “But with scientific evidence & the Internet our message will get out.”

Get out it did. One day later, the post had been retweeted by 22,000 people and liked by nearly 42,000. The brand new Twitter account from which it came, @AltNatParkSer, had published 170 tweets, many of them scientific facts related to climate change. And the anonymous “several active NPS rangers and friends” allegedly behind it all had attracted more than half a million followers.

The emergence of the Twitter account billing itself as “The Unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of U.S. National Park Service” marked the latest act of protest among members of the scientific community who have begun to push back against what they say are unprecedented attacks on climate change advocacy by the Trump administration.

Since his inauguration on Friday, President Trump has further ignited the ire of environmental scientists and supporters by ordering a media blackout for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others, instructing the EPA to take down its webpage dedicated to climate change, removing tweets about climate change by Badlands National Park employees, and temporarily freezing all Twitter accounts under the Interior Department after the National Park Service shared two tweets portraying him in a negative light.

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