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Palestine and Syria in the Period Ahead | Stanley Heller

Our columnist Joseph Daher finished a very successful Canada/U.S. tour with talks in New York and Chicago. At his Connecticut talk we learned he had been to Palestine four times several years ago. I interviewed Daher about these visits and the Syria/Palestine connection. He maintains that Palestinians cannot be freed without help from people in all the surrounding countries, and that this will not come about until the defeat of the dictatorships and kingdoms that neighbor Palestine. The interview took place on Feb. 16, 2017 at Barnard College, NYC and is here: https://youtu.be/SeBb8aHkZ04.

Daher gave an address to an appreciative crowd that night in an auditorium at Barnard. It came after the fall of Aleppo and a time of supposed ceasefire in Syria. Actually the ceasefire is a sham. Bombs are falling in particular over Idlib. A terrible video showing a little boy with his legs blown off is circulating.

Daher wanted to give guidance in the period ahead. He summed it up in this way: End the War, No Legitimacy for Assad, Link to Local Struggles. As he has been saying for some time the revolution won’t win by force of arms. Ending the war would allow a political space for discussion and debate and a way to win people over. However, he does not advocate surrender to Assad as many of those in the “anti-imperialist” Left have been calling for. He sees removal of the regime as essential and non-recognition as necessary in the period ahead. The talk is here: https://youtu.be/I4o86bBt00g.

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