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Reducing the Risk of Nuclear War — Conference at MIT Saturday May 6

An important conference is taking place at MIT on Saturday May 6 on reducing the risk of nuclear war.

The growing hostility between the US and Russia — and with North Korea and Iran — adds new urgency to this conference, as do plans to spend a trillion dollars replacing US nuclear weapons by new ones that will be more suited for launching a first-strike.

This one-day event includes lunch as well as food for thought from a great speaker lineup, including Iran-deal broker Ernie Moniz (MIT, fmr Secretary of Energy), California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Lisbeth Gronlund (Union of Concerned Scientists), Joe Cirincione (Ploughshares), our former congressman John Tierney, MA state reps Denise Provost and Mike Connolly, and Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons. The focus will be on concrete steps we can take to reduce the risks.

You’ll find more information on our conference page and on our Facebook page, and you can grab tickets here.


Ariel Conn
Director of Media and Outreach, Future of Life Institute

Lucas Perry
Project Coordinator, Future of Life Institute

Max Tegmark
President, Future of Life Institute
Professor of Physics, MIT

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