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Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea: The Real Story | Groundswell

This article was originally published on ANewMap.com.

By Martin Hellman

The media tells us that nuclear diplomacy with North Korea is a waste of time, as do most high officials from every recent US administration. But easily verifiable facts show otherwise. The most important data point: North Korea did not do its first nuclear test until four years after Pres. Bush tore up our nuclear agreement with the North, known as the 1994 Agreed Framework.

From 1994 until Pres. Bush abrogated the agreement in 2002 North Korea was unable to access its plutonium stockpile. Once the AF was no longer in place, it started extracting plutonium and did its first nuclear test in 2006.

The United States cancelled the agreement over evidence that North Korea was doing uranium enrichment, which we said was a serious violation. However, neither the word uranium nor the word enrichment, much less the two together, appears anywhere in the Agreed Framework. Uranium enrichment was a violation of the spirit of the agreement, but not a technical violation — a fact attested to by Lim Dong Won, who served as South Korea’s Presidential Envoy to North Korea.

Source: Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea: The Real Story – PEACE ACTION’S GROUNDSWELL

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