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What Keeps Visionaries Going? Part 2: Starhawk & Juliet Davenport

In 1999, after the demonstrations in Seattle against the World Trade Orga­niza­tion, I ended up in jail for five days. Confined in a cell bloc with about twenty other women arrested at the actions, I soon recognized that all of them were much younger than I was. Because we were withholding our names in solidarity, we didn’t talk much at first about the details of our lives outside, but instead talked politics, strategy, move­ment gossip and cast the occasional spell.

The greatest support for activists is a truly welcoming, nurturing movement, a community of people who can see and care for us in the fullness and complexity of who we are. I believe our great challenge in these times is to build such a movement, comprised of all who have faced oppression but also of those whose lives have been privileged, but who nonetheless yearn to be agents of justice. For the greatest burnout comes, not when we face our opponents, not even when we face injury or loss or jail, but when we feel hurt and betrayed or unfairly judged by our own allies. When we see the movement as an ecosystem with many niches to be filled, when we learn to critique one another construc­tively instead of attacking, when we can hold one another accountable in a container of kindness and compassion, then we can create an atmosphere in which people feel encouraged, supported and held even in the face of the horrors around us.

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