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Good News: The Ozone Hole is Shrinking | George Gantz

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George Gantz is a retired business executive with a life-long passion for mathematics, science, philosophy and theology. He holds a BS in Mathematics with Honors Humanities from Stanford University. He is the author of www.spiralinquiry.org and he directs the online Forum on Integrating Science and Spirituality (www.swedenborgcenterconcord.org). George is a board member of Promoting Enduring Peace.

Major news outlets this week, including the Washington Post, the Daily Mail, CBS and MSN, reported that NASA observations in 2017 confirmed that the ozone hole is now the smallest it’s been since 1989. We reported on this trend in our July PEP Talk – Climate Catastrophe Avoided.

This good news is the positive outcome from global actions taken under the Montreal Protocol (1987) to reduce or eliminate many of the man-made pollutants that were leading to the destruction of ozone and the growth of the ozone hole. But the recent shrinking of the ozone hole has also, apparently, been assisted by warmer average global temperatures. Global temperatures hit a record high in 2016 (compared to records kept back to 1880), continuing evidence of manmade global climate change. That’s the bad news.

As we said in PEP Talk –  Climate Catastrophe Avoided, it’s time we used the lessons from our success in fixing the ozone hole and apply them to climate change. Everyone needs to hear the truth – to fear what is going to happen – and to decide to do something about it. Here’s what you can do.

  • Get informed: Read PeaceNews.org
  • Look for balanced, reliable sources in your media feeds.;.
  • Get involved: Join PEP, and find a local grass roots organization, like your local 350.org chapter;
  • Get active online and contact your elected representatives to let them know how important saving our world is to you;
  • Take a risk: You can make a difference. We all want the same things: a clean and safe environment, a world at peace and in balance, and the opportunity to make all lives better.

Enjoy Some Peace Today: See PEP Talks.

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