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FOR’s Reparations webinar: audio recording & resources | FOR

FOR has received glowing feedback to last week’s “REPARATIONS: From Conversation to ACTION!” webinar, co-hosted by the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Truth Telling Project.

Their packed online audience of over 100 people was powerfully moved by the testimonies and resources offered by an intergenerational group of experts & activists. Outstanding panelists included Dr. Iva Carruthers, Dr. Amilcar Shabazz, Rev. Lucas Johnson, and Jodie Geddes and co-moderators were, Chrissi Jackson and David Ragland.

Speakers and audience members discussed a wide range of topics related to reparations, including economics, politics, psychological trauma, the role of religious institutions, intersectional movement-building, and much more.

An audio recording of the 90-minute program is now available. Listen on-demand to the recording here.
Participants highlighted a wide variety of useful resources for facilitating education and action on reparations. These included:
An audience member’s question on whether there are competing demands between African Americans and Indigenous Native Americans regarding reparations evoked several responses. One participant highlighted the report of the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth & Reconciliation Commission as a valuable resource.
On this topic, Dr. Shabazz said, “The plight of the Afro-Cherokee is serious. The Cherokee Nation was forced by the U.S. government in its treaty with them after the Civil War (the Cherokee supported the Confederacy) to pay their black freedpeople reparations. In 2011, they expelled blacks from their nation.” (See this NPR story as well as the 4-minute trailer for By Blood, a PBS “America Reframed” documentary.)
The resources section in the brand-new Coming To The Table “Reparations: The Time Is Now” publication provides a foundation for a reparations bibliography. During the webinar, Dr. Shabazz cited several lesser-known texts and articles as important resources:

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