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Dialogue overcomes Difference in Nigeria | GFP Blog

By Generations For Peace, Nigeria

It would be difficult to find a Nigerian who has not experienced in some way the bitterness of the bloodshed resulting from the violent conflict between Fulani herdsmen and Kaduna natives.

The crisis has been far-reaching and resulted in devastating loss of life in Kaduna and across Nigeria – in fact, the attacks between ethnic groups have outnumbered those carried out by the notorious Boko Haram group. With death tolls increasing on both sides of the conflict, the crisis that stems largely from inefficient resources in a now dry northern region facing rapid population expansion has become widely understood to be ethno-religious by nature. What has been speculated to have started with the destruction of a farm in the Godogodo community in southern Kaduna has since snowballed into the dire situation that poses a challenge the entire country today.

Source: Dialogue overcomes Difference in Nigeria – Generations for Peace

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