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The political program of the Campaign for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine | Mondoweiss.net

On August 6, Mondoweiss published a story by Yoav Haifawi outlining the work and political perspectives of the One Democratic State Campaign, a new initiative seeking to revive the idea of a single democratic state in all of historic Palestine. Below is the first English translation of the campaign’s political program, here are versions in Arabic and Hebrew.



Peacenews columnist Jeff Halper declared in April 2012 that “a two-state solution is no longer viable.” For one thing, “the facts on the ground – the settlements, the wall, the highways and the fragmentation of the territory – are all just so massive and so permanent and are constantly being expanded that there’s no more place for a coherent, functional, viable, sovereign Palestinian state.” For another, “there’s no political will in the international community to force Israel out of the Occupied Territories.” He outlines “two possible one-state solutions,” one of them being “a democratic state with one person, one vote,” the other being “a bi-national one-state.” He also proposes a further possibility: “the idea of a Middle Eastern Economic Confederation that looks something like the European Common Market of 30 years ago” and that would include “Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.”

In September 2012, ICAHD endorsed a bi-national, one-state solution, and in April 2013 Halper explained that a two-state solution was only possible if Israel accepted Palestinian sovereignty over the Occupied Territories, Palestinian UN membership, the Palestinian right to national self-determination within the 1967 lines, and the integration of settlements on Palestinian land. He declared that “[t]here is a remarkable, mirror-like correspondence between Hamas and the right-wing in Israel, the latter ranging from the Likud through the religious settler movement.” [Wikipedia]

According to Haifawi, the current program was discussed over many meetings in which dozens of supporters took active part. Even as the current version was agreed by several forums of the campaign, the organizers stress the fact that it is only a temporary program. They intend to use it to reach out to many more people, both in 1948 Palestine and in the West Bank, Gaza, Palestinian communities in the exile and the wide international solidarity movement. They hope to hold a wide conference before the year’s end in which the program could be updated according to contributions from new participants and the campaign would be launched on a wider scale.

Visit Mondoweiss.net to read the full Preamble and Political Program here: The political program of the Campaign for One Democratic State in Historic Palestine – Mondoweiss

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