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Demand The Release of Christian Lumu | Friends of the Congo

One year ago today (Nov. 22, 2017) the Kabila regime’s National Intelligence Agency (ANR in French) snatched and disappeared Christian Lumu in the Limete neighborhood of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was picked up from the side of the road by three hooded men and forced into a black Toyota. The men took him to a special services office and after four days, he was placed in detention at the ANR.

Christian has been detained illegally ever since the day he was kidnapped from the side of the road in Limete. He has not been charged with any crime or wrong doing. He has not had access to a lawyer. He is one of numerous political prisoners of president Joseph Kabila and his repressive regime. The only concession the regime has made to date, is to allow his family to see him occasionally. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is suffering from health complications. Both his family and his fellow youth activists are very concerned about the condition of his health.

Christian Lukusa Lumu is a 27-year-old social justice activist who was born in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is a member of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) political party. He serves as vice-president of the youth league of the UDPS. He represents one of the key leaders of the future of the Congo. His continued detention is unacceptable. Demand that the Congolese government immediately release Christian and all political prisoners.

Take Action to Demand the Release of Christian Lumu and other detained youth in the Congo!
Demand Christian’s release by contacting the Minister of Justice, Alexis Thambwe Mwamba by email: minjustdh@gmail.com and Twitter @MinJusticeRDC or the Minister of Human Rights Marie-Ange Mushobekwa by email: mushobekwa.likulia@gmail.com and Twitter @MushobekwaMa.

Demand Justice For Congolese Civilians Brutalized by the Kabila Regime!
Click here to sign the petition!

Demand Justice For The Students at the University of Kinshasa!
Send messages via Twitter to the Minister of Higher Education, Steve Mbikayi @Cartesien243 and the Minister of Human Rights, Marie-Ange Mushobekwa (@MushobekwaMa) or email: mushobekwa.likulia@gmail.com to demand justice for Congolese youth slain by Congo’s security.

Support the youth movement:
1. Recruit family, friends, loved ones and others in your network to support this initiative.
2. Donate to the youth movement inside the Congo!
3. Share information we provide from the ground and other key sources via social media. Use the hashtag #Telema and follow @Congocrisis @Congofriends and @Kambale on Twitter
4. Develop a list of key media contacts that we can send information to regularly.
5. Sign up to volunteer to translate documents, do research, write statements and assist with social media

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