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Analyzing What Marc Lamont Hill Said | Jeff Halper

There is an excellent article in “Forward” by Maha Nassar on Marc Lamont Hill’s call for a “free Palestine between the Sea and the River.”

Rather than argue or accuse, which is what a lot of the discussion around Palestine/Israel is, Maha uncovers the political logic behind the Palestinians’ use of this term. And it makes sense.

If we could all focus on the political logic of our issues and position instead of haggling about this or that “fact,” our discussions would be far more fruitful — in every issue, from climate change to human rights to war to even the local political issues of the day, not just Palestine.

Only by understanding the political logic of “the other side” can you begin to grasp the essentials of the disagreement, question your own assumptions and positions, and ultimately arrive at a truly constructive, good faith way to bridge the differences.

I would hold up Maha’s article as a model of how we should all address complex and even polarizing issues.

This is the article: https://forward.com/opinion/415250/from-the-river-to-the-sea-doesnt-mean-what-you-think-it-means

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