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Canadian right only beginning to counter democratic Israel | Canadian Friends of Peace

In 2018, Peace Now checked the government’s ultranationalist policies at every step of the way. For the far right, the onslaught against democratic Israel has only begun.

When the government and the settlement lobby tried every trick in the book to whitewash its theft of private Palestinian land in Nativ Ha’Avot in defiance of the High Court, we took their propaganda to task on the airwaves.

When our prime minister brought us to the brink of war after four years of ignoring the humanitarian situation in Gaza and isolating it politically from the West Bank, we flooded the streets time and time again to demand real solutions.

When Trump unilaterally moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in a manner that undermined the two-state solution, and not a single Zionist party in the Knesset was brave enough to squeak a word of dissent, we brought the case to the public that “two capitals for two peoples” is in the Israeli national interest.”

And when the ugly Nation-State Law was pushed through the Knesset, Peace Now brought thousands out to demonstrate and to voice shame over the dark direction the country is heading.

As the settlement lobby in and out of government prepares to wage a full-fledged war toward West Bank annexation and against Israel’s democratic character, we ask for your help to go on the offensive in the coming year. Please chip in to support the campaigns of Israel’s grassroots peace movement: https://secured.israelgives.org/donate/peacenow.

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