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Podcast: A Revolution in Sudan. What Comes Next? | UN Dispatch

Protesters in Sudan have secured the ouster of longtime ruler Omar al Bashir.  The protests began in earnest in December and steadily gained momentum and traction. Then, suddenly,  after nearly thirty years in power Omar al Bashir was deposed in coup on April 11. Now, he is reportedly in prison in Khartoum.

But despite the ouster of Bashir, protesters have not dispersed and are now rallying against the cadre of military officials who have assumed control.

On the line with me to discuss these events is Payton Knopf. He is a former U.S. diplomat and UN official who has worked on Sudan issues for many years. He is currently an advisor to the United States Institute for Peace

We kick off discussing the events that lead to the ouster of al Bashir. (Note: a podcast episode from January covers these protests in detail,  so we do dwell too much on them in this episode. Rather, we spend the bulk of the conversation discussing this unfolding and fluid situation.)

Payton Knopf explains who these military rulers of Sudan are–and why it is significant that some of them have trained and deployed militias to Yemen and Libya. We also discuss the implications of an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for al Bashir and the unfolding geo-political dynamic that may influence how this political crisis is resolved.

If you have 25 minutes and want to understand this moment of profound political change in one of Africa’s largest and most strategically significant countries, have a listen by clicking on the link below.

Source: A Revolution in Sudan. What Comes Next? | UN Dispatch

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