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Donald Trump and the Kurdish Question | Joseph Daher

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Dr. Joseph Daher is an assistant teacher at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and has a Ph.D. in Development of the university of (School of Oriental and African Studies), SOAS, London, UK. He is the author of the book “Hezbollah: the political economy of the party of God,” Pluto Press, 2016, and the founder of the blog Syria Freedom Forever. He is a Swiss/Syrian leftist activist.

On the statements of US President Donald Trump on the Kurdish question in Syria…

  1. “They’ve been fighting each other for centuries. Now the Kurdish people are fighting for their land””Essentialism continues from the peoples of the region who are only fighting because they are like this, born like this… and that for centuries… As a reminder, Obama tried to justify the failure of United States politics in Iraq by saying that the Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting for more than 1,000 years… not the destructive state’s policies of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the establishment of a sectarian and bourgeois system and the initial support to various Islamic fundamentalist groups;
  2. When journalists reminded Donald Trump that he was giving up the Kurdish people, who fought with Americans, for Americans, in Syria, to end the Daesh (ISIS), Trump uttered a really curious sentence about the Kurdish people: “They didn’t help us during the second world war, they didn’t help us in Normandy!”

What TRAGIC STUPIDITY.  The costs will be catastrophic for the people of Northeast Syria (Kurdish, Arab, Assyrians, Christians, etc…). They will all suffer from the Turkish invasion and occupation with the participation of their local mercenaries from the reactionary groups of Islamic fundamentalist movements, just like what happened with the region of Afrin. This led to the forced displacement of more than 150,000 people (mostly Kurdish) since March 2018 and continuous human rights violations.

Solidarity with the civilians in the Northeast of Syria and all over the country.

Say “No” to all foreign occupation in Syria, to the dictatorship of Assad and Islamic fundamentalist movements, they are all enemies of liberation and emancipation of Syrian popular classes.

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