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Dispatches from a world in turmoil | Nature

Sudan’s political crisis, triggered by government austerity measures imposed a year ago to fend off economic collapse, has sunk the country’s mechanisms for learning and research into recession. University gates are shut and laboratories lie empty. The country’s young professionals — including doctors, teachers, lawyers, university staff and students — consider this a fair price to pay as they call for a fresh beginning that they demand should be based on the triad of revolutionary concepts: freedom, peace.

Last summer, this peaceful pro-democracy group brought president Omar al-Bashir’s repressive 30-year regime to its knees. The ousted government had inaugurated its reign by launching an anti-science campaign (see Nature 348, 5; 1990). One example was the notorious persecution of Farouk Ibrahim, a professor at the University of Khartoum, for teaching evolutionary theory. The latest protests have helped to redeem Ibrahim and end the system of corruption.

Source: Dispatches from a world in turmoil

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