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Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, 9 years on | Beyond Nuclear

Beyond Nuclear was invited onto a number of television and radio shows to discuss the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe in Japan, nine years to the day after it began on 3/11/11. The t.v. interviews included RT’s “The News with Rick Sanchez” and “Watching the Hawks”; radio interviews included Sputnik International’s “Loud & Clear,” and the Thom Hartmann Program. Many of the interviews focused on a new report by Greenpeace International, entitled “Radioactivity on the Move 2020: Recontamination and Weather-related Effects in Fukushima.”

The report concludes that typhoons in Japan have moved radioactive contamination from Fukushima’s forested mountains, down streams and rivers, to recontaminate previously decontaminated areas, or to contaminate areas that were not before. Greenpeace has also documented alarming radioactive hot spots at the J Village soccer complex 20 km from Fukushima Daiichi, where the Japanese leg of the 2020 Summer Olympics torch route will commence, radioactive hot spots across downtown Fukushima City, and hot spots near the Olympic baseball and softball stadium in Fukushima Prefecture. Learn more about Fukushima and other nuclear issues in Japan at our Japan website section.

Until the Fukushima accident, Japan had 55 operating nuclear reactors as well as enrichment and reprocessing plants which had suffered a series of deadly accidents at its nuclear facilities resulting in the deaths of workers and releases of radioactivity into the environment and surrounding communities.

Source: Beyond Nuclear – Japan

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