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Defund the Pentagon | Jacobin

Representative Barbara Lee wants to slash America’s bloated military budget. It’s a necessary move that’s long overdue.

by Luke Savage

Just how much does the United States spend on its military? The figures are so vast they can sometimes be difficult to process.

Late last year, for example, President Donald Trump approved a colossal military spending bill totaling some $738 billion — billions more than it would cost to pay the tuition of every college student in the country. That figure, by the way, was just the operating budget for 2020, and 2021’s looks set to be even larger.

Though falling gradually between 2010 and 2015, America’s military spending has continued to balloon since Barack Obama’s final year in office — increasing from $586 billion in 2015 to a whopping $716 billion by 2019. All told, the Congressional Budget Office in 2019 predicted that the United States will spend over $7 trillion on the military over the next decade.

Such colossal spending has only been made possible through bipartisan effort, with Democrats and Republicans alike repeatedly at odds with public opinion surveys, suggesting that only a minority of Americans support continued spending increases. In 2019, for example, House Democrats newly in the majority proposed increasing the military budget to $733 billion, a figure not much smaller than the one favored by the Trump administration.

Source: Defund the Pentagon | Jacobin

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