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Reminder: Join Native Nuclear Forum; banning nuclear weapons, and more

5-Day Speaker Series, April 26 to 30
The Native American Forum on Nuclear Issues focuses on the impacts that nuclear has on Native American communities across the country, including uranium mining and milling, nuclear weapons production and testing, atomic reactor operation, radioactive waste transport and dumping, etc. Join them from 5 to 7 pm PT each day (8 to 10 pm ET; 7 to 9 pm CT; 6 to 8 pm MT). Speakers include Winona LaDuke, Steve Newcomb, Carletta Tilousi, Dr. Tommy Rock, Manny Pino, Myron Dewey, Joe Kennedy, and Ian Zabarte. Featured artists and performers include Jack Malotte, Sarah Caligiuri, and Bryan Hudson. This virtual event is brought to you by Native Community Action Council in partnership with Native Americans for Restorative Stewardship. Pre-registration is required for each day’s session.
Nuclear weapons now outlawed globally
Please join the webinar — Building political support for the nuclear ban treaty — to learn how to persuade your elected officials in Congress to sign on as well as how to get support at state and local levels. US Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Jamie Raskin will be joined by ICAN executive director, Beatrice Fihn and others.
So far, 10 Members of the US Congress have signed the ICAN Pledge to support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), now ratified by 54 countries. The event, on April 24 from 10:30 am-12:45 pm EDT, is hosted by Nuclear Ban US, ICAN and Peace Action, and co-sponsored by many other groups including Beyond Nuclear.
Real stories of Chernobyl +35
Authorities have downplayed the impacts of Chernobyl, dismissing the real and on-going suffering. Join our free April 25 event, 12 noon-1:15 pm EDT — Living with Chernobyl: Personal stories from the world’s worst nuclear disaster —when we look deeply into those stories from three different perspectives. Watch how Linda Walker’s organization helps children in Belarus, the world’s worst-affected country. Then engage with her in a Q&A during our event. Guest Kate Brown’s Manual for Survival uncovers the true extent of the health effects. Svetlana Alexievich’s Prayer for Chernobyl gave voice to the afflicted. Novelist, Darragh McKeon will talk about that book’s influence on his own work, and actor Maxine Peake will read excerpts from Alexievich’s Nobel Prize-winning testimonials.
Lake Michigan Nuclear Risks
An environmental coalition from IL, MI, and WI briefed their Members of Congress on atomic reactor and radioactive waste risks to Lake Michigan on April 7. Beyond Nuclear was honored to present, focusing on West Michigan’s shoreline nuclear plants, Big Rock Point, Cook, and Palisades (photo, above) in particular. Palisades has 13 months of very high-risk operations yet to go. We, along with Don’t Waste MI and MI Safe Energy Future, have intervened against Holtec’s takeover of Palisades, and Big Rock Point, during the decommissioning phase. Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin focused on the two reactors at Point Beach. PSR has intervened against 80 years of operations proposed there. See the presentations, and supporting materials, at the link below.

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