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Join us at the Green Party of Connecticut’s (Virtual) ANNUAL MEETING 12:30-3 p.m. May 22!

Explore different aspects of racial disparities in the US today with the Green Party, and presenters Adrian Huq, Jason Ortiz, Alan Collinge, and Michael Oretade. The event is free and open to the public, but we encourage you to support the Green Party of Connecticut AND organizations chosen by our speakers by donating between now and May 31: 50% of all contributions will be divided among the New Haven Climate Movement, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Backbone Campaign, and BLM860.


Support the GPCT & Community Organizations 5/19-5/31
12:30 – Nominations/GPCT year in review/upcoming actions
1:00  – Adrian Huq
1:25  – Jason Ortiz
1:55  – Alan Collinge
2:20  – Michael Ortade
2:45  – Wrap-up/Assessment

Speaker bios:
Adrian Huq is a youth climate activist and organizer who graduated from New Haven Public Schools and now studies Environmental Studies at Tufts University. They co-founded New Haven Climate Movement’s Youth Action Team, and, since 2018, have also been working with the Climate Health Education Project to engage school communities and facilitate a student internship which advances youth-led climate education. Additionally, they volunteer with the City of New Haven Peace Commission and intern at the Urban Resources Initiative and Tufts Institute of the Environment.

UConn SSDP chapter alumnus Jason Ortiz now serves as Executive Director of SSDP. As past president of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, he organized a people of color cannabis policy summit that drafted a model legalization bill written, funded, and organized exclusively by people of color. Jason was lead author of HB6377 “An act creating an equitable and modern cannabis workforce.” He has also served as President of the CT Puerto Rican Agenda and on the National Puerto Rican agenda board, dedicated to economic justice for his home island of Puerto Rico.

Student Loan Justice founder Alan Collinge has combined his own experiences as a borrower with knowledge of good faith lending learned over years to confront a problem the US has never before seen. He has taken his research to the media and to Washington and was profiled on 60 Minutes. He authored The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press), as well as hundreds of articles. In 2008, he was chosen as a “financial hero” by CNN/Money Magazine. A former associate scientist (aeronautics) at Caltech, Collinge now devotes himself full time to SLJ.

Michael Oretade, president of BLM860, has been involved in actions around the state to change the lives of individuals born of the African diaspora. Since George Floyd’s murder in 2020, Oretade  has worked to galvanize communities to combat the inequities in the systems surrounding us. Oretade and BLM860 have supported community activist endeavors throughout Connecticut.and continue to promote equity in education, the criminal justice system, immigration, housing, and preservation of the environment, through direct action and advocating for effective policy changes.

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