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The History of Promoting Enduring Peace

Since its beginning in 1952, Promoting Enduring Peace has sought ways to bring people together, to encourage dialog and promote mutual understanding. PEPeace’s mission in the new century, as in the past, is to change the social paradigm from one of competition to one of cooperation, from a culture of violence and war to a world devoted to the well-being of all who share it. This requires a peaceful transition from an unsustainable culture steeped in institutionalized violence, exploitation, and profligate consumption to a commonwealth of all species based on universal harmony, mutual respect, and a love of the Earth and all beings who call it home.

PEPeace was incorporated as a tax-exempt organization in 1958 and reincorporated under current tax exemption regulations in in 2008.

By organizing groups of Americans to visit the USSR, Cuba, Costa Rica, China, and Mongolia during and after the Cold War, PEPeace has given ordinary citizens a chance to get to know “the Other,” leaving them with positive, life-long memories, new friendships and hope for a peaceful world. As an example, in 2002 a PEPeace citizen diplomacy delegation journeyed to Vietnam to contribute to healing the deep scars left by the 1960-74 U.S. invasion.