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Op-ed: The New Face of African Conflict | Enough

As a new wave of violent conflicts has ravaged Africa, borders and conventional peace processes have done little to contain them. A cold war between Ethiopia and Eritrea has spilled over into Somalia, where Eritrea has supported the jihadist group al Shabaab in its fight against the Ethiopian-backed government in Mogadishu. Meanwhile, the group has helped fuel the illegal ivory ...

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Funding Shortfalls Hurt Aid Efforts in Sudans | voanews.com

Food aid being delivered to Yida camp, South Sudan (2012 photo)

The United Nations is facing massive funding shortfalls as it tries to feed millions of people in need in Sudan and South Sudan. Without urgently needed funds, people may die. The head of operations for the U.N.’s humanitarian division, John Ging, said Tuesday that the agency has requested nearly $2.3 billion in funding for humanitarian efforts this year in Sudan, ...

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Civil Society views on justice and reconciliation for South Sudan | Insight on Conflict

The deadly conflict that has gripped South Sudan since December 14th 2013, precipitated by in-fighting between the country’s President Salva Kiir and his former-Vice President Riek Machar, has produced human rights abuses, grave atrocities and suffering on a massive and truly tragic scale. Sparked first within the government compounds in Juba and rapidly tearing through vast swathes of the country, ...

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South Sudan: Insecurity in Leer Has Devastating Consequences for Those Hiding in the Bush | Medecins Sans Frontieres

At the end of January, 240 South Sudanese Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff left Leer Hospital, fleeing into the bush with several dozen of the most severely injured patients and thousands of local people. The security situation is worsening every day, living conditions are life-threatening, and MSF has now lost contact with two-thirds of its staff. “Many people ...

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