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How the US Enables Israel | CounterPunch

Many Americans may think this foreign policy issue doesn’t concern them. If they think about this issue at all, many say that it’s not our business and we should just let them fight it out. However the US has been deeply involved in this conflict since before Israel declared its existence.

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Welcome to Extremistan | Foreign Policy

At some point, even the fractures that this period of unrest has revealed in the old maps of this region marking its deeply-flawed colonialist legacy, leave us with a perspective that helps us see where the work needs to be done to stabilize the region, even if it also describes the potentially catastrophic cost of failing to follow through on that work.

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Water Apartheid in Palestine — satire | thestruggle.org via YouTube

Published on Mar 27, 2014 The Gandhi Peace Award has been given out by Promoting Enduring Peace since 1952. The 2014 recipient is Medea Benjamin who received it in a public ceremony on April 16 at the United Church on the Green in New Haven, CT This video, from www.thestruggle.org, includes Interview with James van Pelt of Promoting Enduring Peace ...

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