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Palestinians Against Fake Peace Talks | Veterans Today

by Stephen Lendman Palestinians want genuine peace. They want their fundamental rights respected. They want long denied liberation. Activists reject ongoing talks. More on this below. Israel wants unchallenged control. It wants unconditional surrender. It wants militarized occupation harshness continued. It wants Palestinians denied all rights. Washington provides full support. Kerry is no honest peace broker. Nor Netanyahu. Nor longtime ...

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A Man Who Knew When Peace Will Come | National Review Online

By Benjamin Weinthal Situated on a wall in the reporter’s room of the Jerusalem Post is a framed front-page of the daily’s 1977 story of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s historic peace visit to Israel. According to the account of Sadat’s arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the then–prime minister Menachem Begin said, “Everyone’s here, waiting for you.” Sadat asked, “Is Sharon ...

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Drug trade could splinter Afghanistan into fragmented criminal state – UN | The Guardian

A Marine with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, greets local children working in the farmlands near Patrol Base Shark, Helmand province, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. (U.S. Marines via ISAFmedia)

Afghanistan’s booming narcotics trade risks splintering the country into a “fragmented, criminal state” if the government and its western allies do not step up efforts to tackle opium production and the illicit economy it supports, a senior UN official warned. Opium farming in Afghanistan, the world’s main producer of the drug, hit a record high last year, with farmers harvesting ...

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Delegitimating Israel | CounterPunch

by Andrew Levine Now that American and European saber rattling has quieted down, Iran’s (aspirational) nuclear weapon no longer seems quite the “existential threat” it used to be. For this, we have Russian and Iranian diplomacy to thank. Of course, Israeli saber rattling continues unabated. Existential threats keep Israel’s Jewish citizens more or less united and its international supporters on ...

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Why I voted for an academic boycott of Israel | Carolyn Karcher via latimes.com

Michael S. Roth slams the American Studies Assn. for “unfairly singling out Israel” in its vote to boycott that nation’s academic institutions; he calls the action an “irresponsible attack on academic freedom.” As a 39-year member of the American Studies Assn. (ASA) and a Jewish American, I want to explain why Roth — whose Op-Ed was published by The Times ...

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EU offers ‘unprecedented’ aid to Israelis, Palestinians for peace deal | The Times of Israe

The European Union is ready to provide Israelis and Palestinians with “unprecedented” financial, political and security assistance and a significant upgrade in ties if the two parties reach a peace agreement, the union’s foreign ministers announced Monday. The promised package, which includes upgrading bilateral relations to a so-called “Special Privileged Partnership,” can be understood as a major incentive to prod ...

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Israel opposition chief says Netanyahu’s views on peace deal remain enigma | AP INTERVIEW

Israel’s new opposition chief said Wednesday that Benjamin Netanyahu’s views on a peace deal with the Palestinians remain an enigma, and that he’s not sure the Israeli prime minister has the “mental willingness” to do what is needed. “This is the big question of the day, whether Netanyahu has come to the conclusion that there has to be change,” Isaac ...

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Sakena Yacoobi 2013 Opus Prize Winner | OpusPrize.org

Sakena dreams of a free, educated Afghanistan where women have learned to think critically and know how to care for their children, reducing the second highest infant mortality rate in the world. She recognizes that ignorance and the lack of education are overwhelming Afghanistan today, but is devoted to transforming the minds and hearts of people through education in the hope they will think for themselves and choose to be peaceful.

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