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Rio+20 Earth summit: Amazon deforestation – in pictures | guardian.co.uk

Although deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is down 80% since 2004, environmentalists fear recent changes to the forest code will lead to further destruction. About 20% of the rainforest has already been destroyed. Before this month’s Rio+20 Earth summit, the Brazilian Amazon, home to 60% of the world’s largest forest and 20% of the Earth’s oxygen, remains threatened by the ...

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Brazilian leader Rousseff’s pardon for illegal deforesters condemned | guardian.co.uk

Attack on president’s environmental credentials comes weeks before she is due to host Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro Jonathan Watts, Rio de Janeiro A coalition of Brazil’s leading conservation groups have condemned the country’s president Dilma Rousseff for pardoning illegal deforesters, weakening protection of the Amazon and rowing back on efforts to recover land that has been cleared of ...

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If President Rousseff passes the forest code, it won’t be only Brazil that suffers | Fernando Meirelles, The Guardian

Brazil has a proud record of protecting the environment, but a bill allowing deforestation would undermine the Rio+20 summit by Fernando Meirelles Never before has the survival of so much rainforest depended on one person. But that is where President Rousseff of Brazil finds herself. The Brazilian congress just passed a forest code that puts the Amazon and other forests ...

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Where will the loggers strike next? Map could model deforestation vulnerability across the Amazon rainforest | guardian.co.uk

Researchers from Imperial College London say their map of timber prices could be used to model regional vulnerability to deforestation across the Amazon rainforest Researchers exploring the value of different types of timber across the Amazon rainforest have produced a fascinating choropleth map to illustrate their findings. Shown above, it consists of timber values plotted on a gridded map of ...

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U.S. Senate Considers Generous Deal for Israel | defensenews.com

TEL AVIV — Shared satellite intelligence, aerial refueling tankers, specialized munitions and surplus drawdown gear from Iraq are just a few of the perquisites for Israel laid out in legislation making its way through the U.S. Senate. Passed earlier this month by the House of Representatives, the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 is now under review by the ...

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Dilma Rousseff must veto Brazil’s devastating new forest code | Paulo Adario, guardian.co.uk

The president must honour her pledge to protect the Amazon rainforest and block the pending land-use legislation A new land-use law proposed by a faction controlled by parochial and rural interests and passed by Brazilian legislators in April threatens to reverse 20 years of struggle to protect the Amazon rainforest. Not only will it allow deforestation to increase by allowing ...

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