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Fishing for Peace in Korea | FPIF

Various environmental challenges have only sharpened the conflict. But with a new imperative to address these environmental problems, the NLL can offer the two Koreas an opportunity to chart a new relationship for the 21st century.

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A New Regional Strategy for Indonesia’s Next President | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The rest of Southeast Asia will look to Indonesia for leadership and guidance in adjusting to accommodate these changes in the world order. The country’s size, democratic institutions, and economic performance have given it considerable heft in regional and world affairs. As a result, Indonesia’s strategic choices in the region today will extend far beyond its borders and have ramifications ...

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Standoff at 15,000 Feet – An FP Slide Show | Foreign Policy

The so-called “Line of Actual Control” — a 2,400-mile disputed boundary that divides India from China — is longer than the distance between Jacksonville and San Diego. Most of it is located in the high, desolate mountains — land where “not even a blade of grass grows,” as Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru put it in the years preceding the ...

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Field of Nightmares | TomDispatch

As Washington launched its post-9/11 adventures, the neoconservative allies of the Bush administration, believing the wind in their sails, eyed the vast area from North Africa to the Central Asian border of China (aka “the Greater Middle East”) that they liked to call the “arc of instability.” The job of the U.S., they imagined, was to bring stability to that ...

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Twenty-five primates on brink of extinction, study says | Reuters

(Reuters) – Twenty-five species of humans’ closest living relatives – apes, monkeys and lemurs – need urgent protection from extinction, a report by international conservation groups said on Monday. Many of the primates, from the Ecuadorean brown-headed spider monkey to the eastern black-crested gibbon in China and Vietnam, are under threat from human destruction of forests, from hunting and from ...

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India tests first nuclear-capable ICBM (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | RT

India has test-launched its first long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, significantly upgrading the emerging Asian nation’s military capabilities. It has the capacity to target major Chinese cities and Europe. According to Indian media the missile was launched just after 8am local time from Wheeler Island off India’s east coast. It rose to an altitude of 600 kilometers and successfully completed the ...

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