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When It Comes to Nuclear Weapons, Austerity Has a Silver Lining | FPIF

“Omne trium perfectum” goes the Latin saying — “everything which comes in threes is perfect.” Let’s see: the spiritual perfection of the Holy Trinity, the cinematic perfection of the Three Stooges, and … the nuclear triad. Those dubious that the Three Stooges help prove the rule are advised to reserve the bulk of their doubt for that third leg. In ...

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1 million+ march against Spain’s austerity measures | RT

Over a million of government workers and trade union members marched in Barcelona, Madrid and dozens of smaller cities to protest against the latest round of harsh austerity measures designed to cut Spain’s bloated deficit. In almost 80 cities held demonstrations on Thursday which came after concerns over Spain’s attempts to restore market confidence in its economy resurfaced after a ...

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Cash Sweet Poison: ‘Greece victim of Europe cheap money’ | RT

Greece is under inspection by a team of senior European and IMF officials who are assessing if the country has implemented enough austerity measures. This comes ahead of a crucial vote in Germany where lawmakers will decide whether to release further bailout cash, desperately needed to steer Greece out of trouble. The EU Commission President insisted that Greece will remain ...

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