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Syria on the brink of the U.S. intervention | G. Zyuganov, Communist Party of the Russian Federation

The U.S. Congress has approved arms supply to rebel groups fighting against the legitimate Syrian government. Shipments are bound to start early August. Simultaneously Washington has revealed its military action plan against Damascus, including, i.a. training and equipping rebels outside Syrian borders, U.S. Air Force attacks on Syrian Army and Naval bases, establishment of no-fly and buffer zones, securing chemical ...

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Talking Peace: This week in global diplomatic negotiations | GlobalPost

Diplomats around the world are calling out for peace and meeting for negotiations this week on human rights issues and environmental safety. Russia announces Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is ready for peace talks, The Elders take to Washington and London for discussions surrounding Israeli-Palestinian peace strategy, the EU calls for “water diplomacy,” and US Vice President Joe Biden to India. For ...

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‘Few Western powers really want solution’: Assad skeptical about proposed Geneva peace talks | RT News

Syrian President Bashar Assad has welcomed the proposed peace talks for Syria agreed by Russia and the US, but voiced his skepticism about their prospects for success, saying that many forces don’t really want to see a solution. Speaking to Argentine newspaper Clarin and Telam news agency in Damascus, Assad said that “believing that a political conference will stop terrorism ...

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Russia, Iran support idea of talks in Syria | latimes.com

By Patrick J. McDonnell, Los Angeles Times BEIRUT — A faint glimmer of hope of breaking the diplomatic standoff on Syria has emerged as two key allies, Russia and Iran, reacted positively to a leading opposition figure’s surprise offer of conditional talks with the government of President Bashar Assad. Officials from the two countries spoke approvingly of the offer at ...

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Syrian opposition rejects Assad’s peace plan | Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Syrian opposition groups have rejected a new peace initiative by President Bashar al-Assad that includes a national reconciliation conference and a new government and constitution. For more on this story, visit: Syrian opposition rejects Assad’s peace plan – Middle East – Al Jazeera English. ALSO: A defiant speech by President Bashar al-Assad calling for peace in Syria on his terms ...

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As Syria’s Rebels Close In, Assad Has Three Options | RSN

The most likely is a retreat into the mountains controlled by his minority Alawite community. The magnificent views across Damascus from the presidential palace on Mount Qassioun are unlikely to provide much comfort these days for Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s beleaguered head of state. For several weeks, the skyline to the north, east, and south has been stained by black columns ...

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