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Syria: Chemical weapons only for foreign agressors | GlobalPost

Syria officially confirmed it owns stockpiles of chemical weapons, the BBC reported on Monday. The acknowledgment is not surprising when one considers Syria is a stalwart non-signatory of the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws the development and use of chemical weapons. The announcement comes after tense speculation over the security of the country’s arsenal. What happens if the Free Syria ...

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NAM, China urge global disarmament of chemical weapons | PressTV

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and China have underlined the necessity of the complete destruction of chemical weapons across the world. The call came in a joint NAM-China statement issued during the 69th meeting of the executive council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Describing the existence of weapons of mass-destruction as a major threat to international ...

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Russia Says Chemical Arms Destruction Effort to End in Late 2015 | Global Security Newswire

A top Russian lawmaker on Thursday announced the government had pushed back to the end of 2015 the date for completion of chemical weapons disarmament operations, RIA Novosti reported see GSN, May 31. Russian State Duma international affairs committee head Konstantin Kosachyov said Moscow set Dec. 31, 2015, as the date of elimination for the nation’s entire arsenal of chemical ...

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Iran eyes treaty banning nuclear arms | PressTV

“We are seeking the adoption of a nuclear weapons convention (NWC) similar to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC),” Salehi told IRNA on Saturday. “Such a convention would guarantee that states would not take a step toward the production of nuclear weapons and it can also compel nuclear armed countries to disarm.” Salehi underlined the need for the adoption of such ...

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