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Democrats and U.S. Labor Delusional About Latin America | Counterpunch

Diatribes and Curious Silences by ALBERTO C. RUIZ The Democrats just put out their platform on Latin America, and it demonstrates only the loosest connection to reality. Thus, while praising the “vibrant democracies in countries from Mexico to Brazil and Costa Rica to Chile,” as well as “historic peaceful transfers of power in places like El Salvador and Uruguay,” the ...

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Forest fires in Chile stoke tensions over indigenous land rights | Gavin O’Toole, guardian.co.uk

Escalating tensions between the Mapuche people and Chile’s government following a spate of devastating forest fires reveal the high cost of policies that champion multinational corporations by subordinating environmental protection to market growth. The fires have thrown into stark relief the consequences of a strategy that has made Chile a rising star in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, ...

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Argentina should adopt us, say Chile protesters | The Guardian

Protesters in a remote region of Chile have triggered controversy by asking Argentina to “adopt” them because they feel forgotten by Chile’s government. Residents in Aysén, a sparsely populated Patagonian realm of glaciers and forests, have lit bonfires, blocked roads and clashed with police in a campaign for more support from the capital Santiago, 800 miles (1,300km) to the north. ...

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Ship Brings Peace, And Chile’s Grim History, To Port | NPR

A tall ship from Chile, the Esmeralda, is touring the West Coast of the United States this month. It’s intended as a peaceful naval ambassador, but it’s stirring dark feelings about Chile’s history. The ship pulled into port in San Diego this week. The Esmeralda is the second-longest and second-tallest in the world, with a pristine white hull, brass portholes ...

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Ted Danson: A Pacific Gem, Protected

Last week was a fantastic week for the oceans. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced the creation of a 150,000 square kilometer no-take marine reserve around Sala y Gómez Island in the Pacific Ocean. This decision protects an area of biodiverse marine habitat larger than Montana, and most of it has never been explored. Sala y Gómez is an uninhabited island ...

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