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Combatants for Peace come to Bridgeport | GreenwichTime

The eight local youths listened intently as Palestinian Khdair Najjar told them how at their age he would create and throw homemade bombs at the Israeli Army. The action was in revenge for being jailed, tortured and imprisoned, he said. “We used to throw stones at the army, and the army used to shoot at us rubber (covered) bullets and ...

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Thousands of Israelis attend Combatants for Peace alternative Memorial Day ceremony | Haaretz, et al.

Thousands of people seeking a Memorial Day alternative to the lyric tenor of the chief military cantor came to the Tel Aviv fairgrounds Sunday night for a Jewish-Palestinian memorial service. Combatants For Peace, a peace-oriented group, held its eighth yearly alternative Memorial Day ceremony in Tel Aviv. Thousands of people seeking a Memorial Day alternative to the lyric tenor of ...

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Combatants for Peace Newsletter — November 2012

Read and get updated with the 2nd issue of the Combatants for Peace newsletter in English! To subscribe to the newsletter and to updates in English about upcoming events and activities as well as essays, briefings and analysis, please write an email to office@combatantsforpeace.org with a subject line “SUBSCRIBE ENGLISH” “We’re here today, Israelis and Palestinians, from both sides of ...

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LETTER: U.S. needs to stand up for lasting peace | The New Haven Register

By Syed S. Ahmed, West Haven Jamillah Rasheed was right when she said peace is impossible without justice in her Register Forum article. The organizations, Combatants for Peace and I Wage Peace hold the same opinion, although their emphasis on peace is greater. Its members condemn violence, forced settlements, assassinating leaders, imprisoning Palestinians or denying basic human rights by Israel’s ...

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Israeli Erez Krispin and Palestinian Nour Shehada: Israeli Panel Declares West Bank Settlements ‘Legal,’ Calls for Expansion | Between The Lines

Combatants for Peace is an organization made up of former Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian fighters who have concluded that violence will not lead to a just and peaceful settlement in the Middle East. They condemn Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands and support a two-state solution based in part on Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Combatants for Peace members ...

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Combatants for Peace, 6 p.m. Monday, July 16, New Haven Green

IWagePeace.org is helping to bring Combatants For Peace to New Haven to share their techniques for holding constructive bi-national meetings. According to Bruce Barrett, editor of IWagePeace.org and and sponsor of the Billboard from Bethlehem, “starting Monday, July 16, 2012, with the IWagePeace Walk in New Haven, they will struggle with us, as Abrahamic people, walking as one family: as Jews, ...

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