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The only surprise is there aren’t more violent protests in the Middle East | Seumas Milne, The Guardian

The Muslim eruption reflects a deep popular anger and blowback from US intervention in both Libya and Afghanistan by Seumas Milne Eleven years after it began, Nato’s occupation of Afghanistan is crumbling. The US decision to suspend joint Afghan-Nato operations in response to a wave of attacks by Afghan soldiers and police on Nato troops cuts the ground from beneath ...

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Thousands rally in Gaza, West Bank for hunger striker | Reuters

(Reuters) – Several thousand Palestinians rallied in Gaza and the West Bank Friday in support of jailed Islamic Jihad leader Khader Adnan, who is on the 62nd day of a hunger strike to protest against his detention by Israel. “We are all Khader Adnan,” chanted crowds gathered in the Gaza Strip, with activists from the main political parties joining forces ...

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Patrick Cockburn: Anti-Shia Pogroms Sweep Bahrain | CounterPunch

“Let us drown the revolution in Jewish blood,” was the slogan of the Tsars when they orchestrated pogroms against Jews across Russia in the years before World War1. The battle-cry of the al-Khalifa monarchy in Bahrain ever since they started to crush the pro-democracy protests in the island kingdom two months ago might well be “to drown the revolution in ...

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‘Facebook Generation’ continues Mauritania protests | CNN.com

Nouakchott, Mauritania (CNN) — Young Mauritanians pushing for social and political reforms continued a sit-in Saturday in the capital a day after a street protest demanding change. Police dispersed hundreds of protesters early Saturday, but after a few hours the crowd returned to spend the night at Blocat Square in Nouakchott’s city center, despite one earlier arrest and the possibility ...

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