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Building Sustainability in an Urbanizing World : A Partnership Report | ReliefWeb

Cities are hubs of global change, and their global influence continues to grow. Cities contribute significantly to global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss. At the same time, cities experience impacts like climate change first and with greatest intensity. Further, cities are becoming leaders worldwide in efforts to address global environmental and social problems. Some of the most important ...

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Wise use of resources, limiting climate change key to sustainable development: Experts | AlertNet

  By Stella Paul NEW DELHI (AlertNet) – Good governance of natural resources and sustainable development must go hand in hand, or economies and nature are at risk, experts, diplomats and business leaders warned at a weekend summit in New Delhi. According to the experts at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, the growing impacts of climate change also is putting ...

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The Myth of Africa’s Rise | By Rick Rowden, Foreign Policy

Rich countries figured out long ago, if economies are not moving out of dead-end activities that only provide diminishing returns over time (primary agriculture and extractive activities such as mining, logging, and fisheries), and into activities that provide increasing returns over time (manufacturing and services), then you can't really say they are developing.

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Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012 | DARA

The Earth’s changing climate is costing the global economy $1.2 trillion a year and killing 1,000 children a day, according to a new study—and the U.N. warns the summer’s record heat and drought could trigger a catastrophe, Mark Hertsgaard of Share the World’s Resources reports. The Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2nd Edition reveals that climate change has already held back global ...

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Development must be less about growth, more about wellbeing | guardian.co.uk

People and their well being need to be at the centre of development, with less emphasis on economic growth, according to a new report, but this requires philanthropic and development organizations to challenge current thinking. “Development is political,” said the final report of the Bellagio Initiative, a six-month exploration into the future of philanthropy and international development. “Not everyone can ...

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Green growth: Shoots, greens and leaves | The Economist

ON THE southern shore of Lake Naivasha, Kenya’s lush Rift Valley holds an unexpected scent of English summer. For inside vast plastic greenhouses grow mile upon mile of roses. Exported to Europe, they account for a fifth of the commercial roses sold there and provide a tenth of Kenya’s foreign exchange. But the business is a victim of its own ...

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