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Judicial review of ‘targeted killings’ needed | latimes.com, MotherJones

… If the United States is going to continue down the troubling road of state-sponsored assassination, Congress should, at the very least, require that a court play some role, as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court does with the electronic surveillance of suspected foreign terrorists. Even minimal judicial oversight might make the president and his advisors think twice about whether an ...

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Drone strikes: playing God in Pakistan | Editorial, The Guardian

When is a last resort truly a last resort, particularly in areas well back from recognised battlefields? Editorial Thomas Aquinas, Augustine and John Brennan – two saints and a counter-terrorism adviser – may give the counsel a president feels he needs before adding another al-Qaida suspect to his kill list. But whatever else these authorities do, they do not constitute ...

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The Hybrid Rules of Drone Warfare | Joanne Mariner, Verdict

“I don’t think there’s any question but that we are at war,” said then-Attorney-General designate Eric Holder at his confirmation hearing in January 2009, agreeing with Senator Lindsey Graham that the United States and Al Qaeda were embroiled in a global armed conflict. Three years later, with Guantanamo still open, military commission proceedings moving ahead, and terrorist suspects being killed ...

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